Alex Elkin, Stand-Up Comedian

Sunday, June 23rd

5 - 6 pm for Show

Come in and enjoy a comedic experience performed by Alex Elkin, a San Francisco Comedy Competition winner. Show will be 5 - 6 pm. Enjoy some wine or beer, and laugh your socks off.

Delight in tacos from a taco bar for purchase that only Chef Billy Thur of The Zingaro can prepare. Food will be available from 4 pm.

Tickets can be purchased in advance in our Tasting Room, or at the door. They can also be purchased on line through If you click on Purchase Ticket + Transportation and scroll down, there is another option for just a ticket if you plan to drive yourself.

We'll be open from Noon. Come early, get your seat, have some food, procure your beverage, and get ready for a hilarious show.

We look forward to seeing you at this event!